Email Marketing

After all, your email list is yours, and those people have actively shown they want to hear from you.

Why not get in front of your people, where there’s no algorithm to fight with?

If you could serve them with helpful, interesting and creative content, imagine the connection you could create.

Do you wish you had an engaged and excited list of people to send emails to?

Do you have an email list, but your open and click rates aren’t too hot? Or do you have one, but it’s so small, it doesn’t feel like it’ll be all that beneficial to you?

Do you want to send emails to your list regularly but don’t have the time or know what to send?

Email marketing can be simple, when you break it down into its parts and aim to just serve your list.

Our methodology

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

Imagine being able to communicate with your email list, in a place where they truly look forward to hearing from you, and actually convert to a sale, because you’re able to grow trust with them over time.

Let’s make that dream a reality. With opt-ins that are designed for your precise target person, and email sequences built to serve and convert your list can start to serve both your subscribers and your business.

What’s Included?

We help our clients to create, curate and cultivate their email newsletter list. We send emails to our client’s lists for promotion, engagement, or education. These emails are based solely on the goals of the business, as well as the tone and imagery that suits the brand personality perfectly.

Emails can be triggered by an event or transaction, or be a weekly newsletter or regular promotional emails. These emails link the business’s products and services in a relevant way and place those messages straight into their customers’ or clients’ inbox.

We also assist with building lists, testing and tweaking opt-ins and incentives, and also managing your list, to make sure you aren’t paying for inactive subscribers. For most businesses, we will also set up a sequence of emails, that might span months, to educate a subscriber on everything you do and offer true value.

This service includes complete email marketing management, so you can spend your time, and use your creativity in the day to day parts of your business that you truly love doing.

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