Community Management

Through social media, content and dedicated customer service, you can create a stronger connection with your online followers.

Create the community and online audience you’ve always dreamed of, through genuine connection.

Do you feel like you’re talking at your community, not with them?

Do you wish you had more of a connection with your audience, knowing what they yearn for and how best to serve them?

Do you dream of the day when you’ll receive dynamic, engaged comments on your online content?

By aiming to serve, rather than sell, it’s entirely attainable to grow trust with your followers.

Our methodology

A Step-By-Step Roadmap To Success

We will create content designed to fill the needs of your ideal customer, educating or assisting them with their worries and questions.

I can create an online community platform for you, if we decide this suits you, scheduling content, incentivising opt-in and encouraging engagement. I work with many platforms and can scale this community as it grows.

With a larger community comes a level of moderation that may be something you’d prefer to outsource. If the moderation of comments and questions is growing beyond your capacity, this is something I can assist you with, to allow you to manage other areas of your business. I balance encouragement with customer service to grow and assist your community members.

I can implement chat and customer service communications and processes for you, so that you can encourage one to one communication as well, and follow up with these people in a timely and consistent manner.

I engage with your community, embodying your brand personality, your products and services and the interests of your community that relate to your brand.

What’s Included?

You’ll be able to communicate with and engage with your audience in such a way that you grow trust with them, that they want to hire you and refer you to anyone they speak to about your type of work.

We’ll communicate with your audience, be helpful and of service on public platforms, so people can see what you’re doing and rush to join in.

Building a community around your brand can have a great positive effect on both your business and your community members. To do this in the right way, to best serve your audience, and to communicate with them well, it is best to have a clear strategy in mind for your community. This information can be used to guide how you communicate with your community, the content you may create for them, and how you create products or services within your business to better serve your community members.

This is all possible, without it robbing you of all your time, plus your customers and clients will be more ready to work with you if they do decide to buy, saving you time in the long run.

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